The Veiled West features a talented cast of professional and amateur voice over artists. 

Paul Cotton as Vince Moretti

Angelique Lazarus as Vera Clarke

Dustin Sanborn as Ray "Happy" Pierce

Abby Rose as Eliza Gentry

Persephone Rose as Eli "Doc" Decker

Aurore Gautheur as Hannah Levigne 

John Eddy Jr. as Raphael Alvarez

Eric Umstott as Leopold Payne

Don Jacob as Amos McIntyre 

Shannon C. as Tanya Payne 

Basil as Laura Stanton

Supporting Cast:

Wil Frost as Perry McIntyre

Jay Harle as Bartender

Jay Harle as Townsperson 1

John Donahue as Townsperson 2

Shawn Jolly as Cliff Scott

Andrew Mayne as Clyde Scott

J. Leeson as Stagecoach Driver

Jacob Williamson as Cattle Rustler

Randolph Williams as Leopold Payne (Episodes 1 - 4)

Jali as Laura Stanton (Episode 4)

Joe Moore as August Miller

Paul Warren as Amos McIntyre (Episodes 1-7)

Wyatt Henry as Cowboy 3 (Episode 14)


Jeremy King - Composer

Edgar Lozano - Sound design