The Veiled West


Paul Cotton as Vince Moretti

Angelique Lazarus as Vera Clarke

Dustin Sanborn as Ray "Happy" Pierce

Abby Rose as Eliza Gentry

Persephone Rose as "Doc" Decker

Aurore Gautheur as Hannah Levigne 

John Eddy Jr. as Raphael Alvarez

Don Jacob as Amos McIntyre  

Basil as Laura Stanton

David Garcia as Levi Dunlap

Harry Bishpo as Justice Brockwood

Shannon C. as Millie Brockwood

Karl Hynes as Faulkner


Supporting Cast:

Wil Frost as Perry McIntyre

Eric Umstott as Leopold Payne

Shannon C. as Tanya Payne

Joe Moore as August Miller

Benj P. as Micah Wilson

Jay Harle as Bartender

Jay Harle as Townsperson 1

John Donahue as Townsperson 2

Shawn Jolly as Cliff Scott

Andrew Mayne as Clyde Scott

J. Leeson as Stagecoach Driver

Jacob Williamson as Cattle Rustler

Randolph Williams as Leopold Payne (Episodes 1 - 4)

Jali as Laura Stanton (Episode 4)

Paul Warren as Amos McIntyre (Episodes 1-7)

Wyatt Henry as Cowboy 3 (Episode 14)

Mike Cuellar as Ranch Hand 2 (Episode 12)

Allan Dahle as Cowboy 1 (Episode 13)

Shawn Jolly as Cowboy 2 (Episode 13)

Kassandra Cherry as Hattie

Kassandra Cherry as Bonnie


Jeremy King - Theme Song

Christopher Z. - Composer

Karl Hynes - Assistant Writer

Edgar Lozano - Sound design (Episodes 5 - 10)

The Veiled West is a fiction podcast released by Hey It's Jali Entertainment. The Veiled West is a piece of historical fiction based in the American Old West. In this series, you will hear mentions of some very uncomfortable parts of our past. You will also hear strong language, violence and adult themes. The Veiled West may contain content that is sensitive to some listeners. The writers have decided that we will not leave out parts of history that were a way of life then. We understand and acknowledge it is an uncomfortable part of our history, but it is still history. Let it be a reminder of who we were, who we are now and who we can become. As we continue to learn from the past and grow in love for each other.


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