The Veiled West

The fires. I remember the fires. It was the Spring of 1882 on Allen Street. They said a cigar in an outhouse started the inferno. 
They were wrong. 
I am certain that I know what started the fire. It was a cigar tossed on a pile of old papers. Started by a man who knew exactly what he was doing. 
Footsteps thundered on the wooden sidewalk. Horses galloped towards the source of the flames. Saloon girls ran down the street, still pulling their gowns over their heads while they screamed for help. Men yelled for buckets of water. The fire had reached the first saloon. 
Acrid smoke burned my lungs. The pungent smell of burning wood, fabric and feathers filled the air. Wood creaked and strained from the heat, threatening to break at any moment. The roaring flames seemed to be hushed by a sizzle that grew louder with each passing second. And then. An explosion of glass, alcohol and wood blew the front off of the Occidental Saloon. 

I stood there amidst the Humans who struggled in vain to put out the flames. A pair of heavy boots walked through the alleyway behind me. A plume of cigar smoke surrounded my face. 
“Leopold.” I said.
A low and husky voice responded. “Vince. Opportunity knocks.” 
“Indeed it does.” 
The fires paved the way for the rest of us. Vampires had already seized the territories of Colorado and New Mexico. Now, it was time to take control of Arizona. 
Hannah Levigne came to us from Europe. She opened a new saloon called the Gilded Cat. Raphael Alvarez came from New Mexico, opening a new bank and replacing the Grand Hotel with his own. 
Then,the Werewolves came in. They settled in the countryside away from Tombstone; creating ranches and farms that brought in livestock and produce. The Druids came next. They moved in with the booming population from back East, mingling with the rest of the people. And they cautioned us against our practices in the Territory. 
We weren’t friendly then. The term “the Wild West” was coined because of the constant conflict between Werewolf, Vampire and Druid. The poor Humans were simply caught in our crossfire.
Today, I feel regret over my part in the conflict. Regardless of how I feel, the stories must be told. These are the stories of our shameful acts, struggles and triumphs in the young American West. 

Vincenzo Moretti

Paul Cotton as Vince Moretti

Angelique Lazarus as Vera Clarke

Dustin Sanborn as Ray "Happy" Pierce

Abby Rose as Eliza Gentry

Persephone Rose as "Doc" Decker

Aurore Gautheur as Hannah Levigne 

John Eddy Jr. as Raphael Alvarez

Don Jacob as Amos McIntyre  

Basil as Laura Stanton

David Garcia as Levi Dunlap

Harry Bishpo as Justice Brockwood

Shannon C. as Millie Brockwood

Karl Hynes as Faulkner


Supporting Cast:

Wil Frost as Perry McIntyre

Eric Umstott as Leopold Payne

Shannon C. as Tanya Payne

Joe Moore as August Miller

Benj P. as Micah Wilson

Jay Harle as Bartender

Jay Harle as Townsperson 1

John Donahue as Townsperson 2

Shawn Jolly as Cliff Scott

Andrew Mayne as Clyde Scott

J. Leeson as Stagecoach Driver

Jacob Williamson as Cattle Rustler

Randolph Williams as Leopold Payne (Episodes 1 - 4)

Jali as Laura Stanton (Episode 4)

Paul Warren as Amos McIntyre (Episodes 1-7)

Wyatt Henry as Cowboy 3 (Episode 14)

Mike Cuellar as Ranch Hand 2 (Episode 12)

Allan Dahle as Cowboy 1 (Episode 13)

Shawn Jolly as Cowboy 2 (Episode 13)

Kassandra Cherry as Hattie

Kassandra Cherry as Bonnie

Alexander Kocot as Carter

Read the stories that shaped the Old West. Learn about the struggles of a US Marshal who is enthralled to one of the oldest Vampires in the West. Experience the heart break of a young Human working in a saloon. Endure the pain of a Werewolf rancher trying to make a life for herself and her people. 

The Veiled West short stories can be obtained via Patreon. For as little as $1 a month, you get a new, original story from author Shae Bryant. 

Audio book coming soon from Hey It's Jali Entertainment. 

The Veiled Monarch and The Veiled West are ©Hey It's Jali Entertainment 2018 - 2020

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