The Varial RPG is a simple ruleset indie RPG based in the world of Varial. Become the Bard of Varial and lead your party! Brave the shores of Bruy Clines, create technomagical marvels in Queross, explore the Lempick Caves of Ordrya, climb the Living Mountains of Stej Pria or search for magic in Everpond Grove. The world is yours.

To get started with a campaign, please download the base Varial RPG book located here. 

For some extra help as The Bard, please download the Bard Handbook located here.

"Wait! This is free? Are you serious?"  Yes, we're serious. It's free. Have fun with it. If you enjoy it and want to help us out, we'd appreciate it if you could buy us a coffee. Otherwise, we'd love to know how much fun you're having and what you're creating.