It's a Little Weird Right Now...

Updated: Mar 17

That's quite the understatement. There's a lot of uncertainty going on for every one of us. My mantra has been, "This is where we are right now." What we knew this morning can change in a matter of hours. For example, this morning the bars and nightlife in my tourist heavy city were opened for business. Hours later, they were mandated to be closed and restaurants were limited to fifty people.

At Hey It's Jali Entertainment, we have a number of people in our community who are feeling the same thing you are. We're scared, we're worried, we're all a little on edge. Just a few hours ago, I had to explain to my two teenagers why we're staying home and why we can't go anywhere for a little bit. Then, I had to tell them the one thing I hated to tell them - "I don't know when it will change."

So, what do we do? I was inspired by an Instagram post from our very own kick-ass lady, Angelique Lazarus. The post said "Wash your hands. Then use them to spread hope." This is exactly what we are striving to do.

Internally, we've arranged for various chat sessions to take place with the cast of the fiction podcasts. We're going to take some time this week to get together, get creative and get our minds off of the crazy. Our Discord community has set up a channel called "Rainbows, damn it!" Where we are to post nothing but uplifting stories and fun pictures. Every member of the community with a pet is also ordered to pay the "pet tax", and post pictures of their friends. Story posts on Instagram have shifted slightly, reminding us all to take care of ourselves and each other.

What about us? We're supported by our audience. Right now, people are losing jobs/temporarily losing jobs and having to tighten up. How does that affect us? Will this hurt the novel due later this Spring? The short answer is - it won't. We're going to keep on going. With or without monetary support. If we can provide someone with a bit of relief from the crazy, then that's what we are going to do. When The Veiled Monarch is published, electronic copies will be going out for free to people who can't afford it. Print copies will be going out for free (based on availability) to the same people.

Why? Because shit's weird. And we're in a position where we can make things a little less weird, a little brighter, a little more creative, and a bit happier. Even if it is just for a few minutes each day. This is where we are right now.

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