Written by author Shae Bryant, our novels transport you to another place and time. Our novels are available on all E-reader apps and/or devices, and paperback. Novels are coming soon to Audible and other audio book platforms. 

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For centuries, the Iron Oath pledged to keep Humans safe and to help regulate the Non Human communities. As time changed the laws of the land, the shadowy organization began to lose its grip. Its death throes turned friend against friend, and brought enemies together against common challenges

The Veiled Monarch

By Shae Bryant

Coming Soon

In Cael City, a young Traditional takes a job in the Elven sector of town. All she wanted was a way to make a better life outside of the city's broken Traditional sector. What she gets is a chance to build a better future for everyone. But, at what cost?

The Secret of Vod

by Shae Bryant

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