Hey It's Jali Entertainment presents "Hey! It's a Story!" a podcast dedicated to amateur voice over artists and honing their craft. 

Previously, we offered three separate fiction podcasts. While those shows have since been canceled, the archives are available for listeners. 

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Hey! It's a Story!

Hosted by author and voice over artist Shae Bryant, we have a rotating panel of voice actors as they tell their stories. Enter the world of amateur voice acting, and learn how they  navigate home studios, auditions and real life schedules. Enjoy hilarious round table reads, hilarious improv and comedy sketches. 


Fiction Podcasts

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The Veiled Monarch is an audio drama set in today's world. Laws govern the Non Humans and the suspicious Iron Oath is beginning to lose its grip.In Miami, two Detectives befriend one of the oldest vampires in the world. This leads them, and the Non Human communities in South Florida, into a collision course with the Iron Oath.

Get all of The Veiled Monarch audio drama episodes by clicking here. They are free to download and listen to! 

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Everyone knows the stories and the history of the "Old West". What they do not know is the entire story. The non Human communities were not friendly back then.  This is the story of the West that few people hear. The stories of the struggles, shameful acts and triumphs of the Veiled West.  

Get all of The Veiled West audio drama episodes by clicking here. They are free to download and listen to! 

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