Crunchy Dragon Treats


Crunchy Dragon Treats follows our brave party of adventurers as they chance and stumble their way through the magical world of Nestrana. Join Solana, Kirk, Blues, Red, Azure and Maroon on their hilarious adventures. 


Joe Moore as Blues the Honorable

Abby Rose as Solana Val'rei

Connor Miranda as Kirk the Half-Orc

Patrick Bass as Red the Reckless

Kristen Martin as Azure the Affable

Dan Gold as Maroon the Master mind

Harry Bishpo as The Narrator 

Supporting Cast

Ian Humphries as Ichiro

Shannon C. as "Grandma" 

Xavier Shackleton as Bob

Balua as Guard Mac-Mana-Shain

Harry Bishpo as Left-Tenant

Dustin Sanborn as Todd

Catherine Truitt as Vanessa

Cameron Miller as Gareth

Eric Umstott as Count Sven

Eric Umstott Rat Man

Katie Otten as Allaina

James Wilt as Gate Guardian

Katie Otten as "Young Girl" (episode 6)

Curtis R. Harvey as Carl

Paul "Tweed" Drotos as Yoreel


Christopher Z. - Composer

Patrick Bass - Assistant Writer

Crunchy Dragon Treats is a fiction podcast presented by Hey It's Jali Entertainment. Much of it is intended to be pure parody of various fantasy games, role playing games, table top games, movies and books. Parody is Fair Use, folks and believe us, we're making full use of it! Some of the content in Crunchy Dragon Treats may contain adult language, adult themes, dark themes, violence and themes of a sexual nature. Crunchy Dragon Treats may also contain content that could be sensitive to some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. This show is not recommended for listeners under the age of 13. 

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