The Veiled Monarch features a talented cast of professional and amateur voice over artists. 

Paul Cotton as Vince Moretti

Taylor Fehr as Catherine Kleyman

John Eddy Jr. as Isaac Carillo 

Jali as Raina Escobar

Benj P. as Leo Moretti

Katie Otten as Chloe Hernandez

Eric Umstott as Jacob Stuart

Tyler R. Lee as Brian Hernandez

Blythe Renay as Erin Hernandez

Connor Miranda as Louis Yang

Karl Hynes as Faulkner


Supporting Cast:

Aurore Gautheur as Sophie Abbot

Shannon C. as Anika Hines

Persephone Rose as Darius Peck

Dan Gold as Ronan

Ian Meyer as Kevin

Katie Otten as Belle Patricio

David Pauls as Nathan Sutherland

Elizabeth Novotny as Danielle

Adam Qoo as Police Dispatch

Wil Frost as Carlos de la Rosa

Jay Ortiz as Jose Mendoza

Emma Jane as Iris 

Carlos Ortega Jr. as Linden

Angelique Lazarus as Sandy

Yu Wang as Oak

Bonnie Bogovich as Receptionist (episode 4)

Mandi Kaye as Fawn

Sarah Dunham as Erin Hernandez (episodes 1 - 17)


Wil Frost - Assistant Writer

Naxin - Creative Process

Jeremy King - Theme Song

Edgar Lozano - Sound design

Christopher Z. - Composer



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