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Hey It's Jali Entertainment is a collection of voice actors, audio engineers and writers. Created by a veteran voice over artist and writer, Hey It's Jali Entertainment brings the audience original stories they can listen to anywhere. We fuse our love of old time radio dramas and modern day technology to bring you an exciting story that transports you to another place.

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"Did she mention she's a biker? Will not take your shit." 

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An 11 year veteran of voice over and audio engineering, Jali has appeared in commercials, games and on radio. An early adopter of content creation, Jali began blogging before the platform even existed. As early as late 2000, Jali had a successful "ezine" that appealed to a specific subculture in the US and Europe. Since then, she has done blogging on a professional level, podcasting, live streaming and YouTube. As a writer, Jali began by focusing on non-fiction articles within the gaming industry, appearing in publications like PC Gamer Magazine. She created Hey It's Jali Entertainment after fusing her love of old time radio programs with today's audio technology.

Persephone Rose

Voice Over Artist

"She offends everyone and gets banned for it." 

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A voice over artist, audio book narrator and Producer. Persephone wears many hats. She began with Hey It's Jali Entertainment voicing David Quesada in Varial. Now, she also lends her talent to The Veiled West and The Veiled Monarch. Persephone also runs her own Production company at Emperor Pigs Pizza and Cigs and she has collaborated with Jali on many shows.

Angelique Lazarus

Voice Over Artist

"The bad ass with a set of golden pipes."

  • Twitter - Angelique

An experienced educator, singer, and veteran of voice over, Angelique lends her voice and talent as Vera Clarke in The Veiled West and Jeannie Pryor in Varial. She started her voice acting career in 2016 with Ryan Estrada's "Big Data" and has been in several audio drama productions since then. She also runs the Twitter account for Hey It's Jali Entertainment and has collaborated with Jali on a number of scripts.

Paul Cotton

Voice Over Artist

"He's a charmer, isn't he?" - Aurore Gauther

  • Instagram - Paul

A voice over artist and veteran content creator, Paul brings his smooth and deep voice to The Veiled Monarch, The Veiled West and Varial. He is mostly known as the voice of Vincenzo Moretti, but he has also brought us various characters in Varial.

Abby Rose

Voice Over Artist

"Not related to Persephone. We think."

  • Instagram - Abby

A veteran voice actor and avid gamer, Abby has been a part of a number of productions. With her list of voices, many times Abby is unrecognizable from one character to the next. She is most well known for playing Thora and Siv in Varial and Eliza Gentry in The Veiled West. 

Aurore Gauther

Voice Over Artist

"We should stop making her cry."

  • Instagram - aurore

With a voice that could charm the most savage of beasts, Aurore lends her talent to a number of shows. She is most well known for playing Kira Div'vossian in Varial and Hannah Levigne in The Veiled West. 

Eric Umstott

Voice Over Artist

"Note: Subject may not actually be a T-rex."

  • Instagram - Paul

Eric is a freelance voice actor with 4 years of experience under his belt, performing in video games, audio dramas, video game mods and YouTube videos alike. Inspired by groups like TeamFourStar and older Machinima users, Eric got started with a Blue Snowball mic and a dream, to do the best he can with his voice. Eric can be heard in such productions as The Audio dramas Call of the Flame, The Veiled Monarch and West, as well as video games like Desolate and Winds of Change. Eric is also the Head narrator of the popular Youtube channel Top5Best. Eric joined Hey It's Jali Entertainment when he got a small bit part as a bartender. He has since moved up to become the delightfully evil Jacob Stuart, and has since become a mainstay of the production team.

Christopher Z.


"Can make a Western in five seconds."

  • Instagram - Abby

Christopher has been a composer for several years. He takes his inspiration from masters like John Williams and Danny Elfman. He has brought his original compositions to The Veiled West, The Veiled Monarch and Crunchy Dragon Treats. Christopher is also a voice over artist and writer.

Edgar Lonzano

Sound Designer

"He really likes fights. Fake fights."

  • YouTube - Edgar

Edgar began his venture in sound engineering two years ago. Because no one else was going to do it. Since then, he realized he has developed an addiction to sound design. He now uses his passion and drive to create sound effects for various productions, including Hey It's Jali Entertainment. 


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