Warning! After 13821, this timeline contains spoilers for the Varial Audio Books.


0 - Elven Scholars began to keep tomes

2004 - The Faerie arrived

2059 - Athary was discovered

2064 - Naturalism discovered

2072 - Naturalism was given a name

2103 - The Faerie were given Athary

2114 - Aura was named capital of Athary and the first ruler was chosen - Wildsky. 

2594 - Varial discovered the first person using two talents. An Elf named Flannery Jek'kaedh. Scholars later named this phenomenon a Wizard. 

2643 - A second Wizard was born. Rhiannon Geq'quin.

3149 - The world of Mirintid invaded Varial, beginning "The Knights War". Flannery and Rhiannon lead Elven forces to defeat Mirintid.

3150 - After the war with Mirintid was won, Flannery set up the Order of the Knights of Ordrya and Rhiannon set up the Order of the Sentinels of Ordrya. 

5003 - The Centaur arrived in Ordrya through a portal. About three hundred arrived in central Ordrya near Holly Forest. 

5008 - The Centaur set up a small village near Holly Forest. Later, it became known as Hollyhead. 

5175 - The Centaur tried to reopen portals to Jikrold and the portals would not open. 

5184 - The Centaur declared that Jikrold was lost to them and officially became part of Varial. 

5613 - Elven and Faerie explorers discovered an unnamed land to the North. 

5615 - The new land was offered to the Centaur as a home. The Centaur accepted and settled on the main island, calling the land Stej Pria and naming the island Nolodeske. 

5621 - Stej Pria was named an official land in Varial and the first Centaur leaders were chosen. Gulfli and Tofa were the first to rule Stej Pria. 

5678 - The Living Mountains of Stej Pria were named and the Centaur demanded the magical creatures and wilderness of the mountain range would be a protected land. 

5691 - The Great Hunting Grounds of the Centaur were set up in Stej Pria. 

5708 - Tofa introduced the Centaur Archery style to Varial. 

5715 - Gulfli began to teach the Centaur Fighting style to a very select few Elves and Faerie. 

6149 - The world of Denagar invaded Varial, starting "The War of Gulfli". The Centaur lead forces of Centaur, Knights, Sentinels and Mages through portals into Denagar, taking their world by surprise. 

6150 - The "War of Gulfli" was declared ended when the Centaur overtook Denagar's capital city. The ambassadors of Denagar traveled to Ordrya to make peace with Varial. A shaky peace has been declared since. 

6523 - A new land was discovered south east of Ordrya. It was unnamed and unsettled. 

7008 - The first Gnomish visitors arrived on Varial. 

7010 - The first Orcs arrived on Varial. 

7014 - Gnomes were officially welcomed to remain on Varial as residents. 

7016 - Orcs were officially welcomed to remain on Varial as residents. 

7054 - The farmlands of Oshwait in Ordrya were given to the Gnomes to cultivate.  The Orcs were given the nearby coastal areas of Oshwait for their settlements. Oshwait and Oshwait Harbor in Ordrya were both created. 

7098 - The Gnomish population had grown and they were offered the unsettled land to the Southeast. The Gnomes accepted and settled the coastal areas of the land. The Orcs settled Oshwait. 

7105 - Espachor was officially named and the first Gnomish ruler was chosen. Sella was the first Gnome to rule Espachor. 

7118 - A cluster of islands were discovered west of Ordrya. 

7123 - The Orcs requested the islands for their own use and settlement. 

7124 - The great island was populated by Orcs. 

7125 - Bruy Clines was named and the great island named Bruy Port. The first ruler was chosen. An Orc named Burne was the first ruler of Bruy Clines. 

7126 - Crab Claw Bay was settled by the Orcs. 

7227 - Orcs traveled North to Stej Pria and began to learn the Centaur fighting style in Nolodeske. 

7338 - Wolves Crossing in Espachor was set up as a major trade route between Espachor, Bruy Clines and Ordrya/Athary. 

7410 - The first child "Born of Two Lands" was recorded by the Scholars. A union of an Orc and an Elf in Bruy Clines. 

7821 - Gnomes ventured to Lempick in Ordrya and received permission to settle inside the Lempick Caves. 

8013 - The Sirens arrived on Varial through a portal near the island of Clen. They were undiscovered until 8015. 

8015 - The first Siren was discovered by an Orcish fishing boat. Scholars and Mages came to see them.

8016 - The magic of the Sirens was discovered and began to be studied by the Scholars. 

8019 - The Sirens magic remained unnamed but was deemed to be safe in Varial. 

8020 - The ruler of Bruy Clines declared Clen belonged to the Sirens and ruled that no resident of Varial settle the island. Clen officially remains part of Bruy Clines. 

8132 - The first "Dwarf" emerged from the Lempick Caves with eye protection on. The Gnomes of Lempick had forever changed, but they were still called Gnomes by Varial. 

8143 - The first Orc with a blue tint to their hair and skin was born. In the coming years, more Orcs would be born with blue and green tints to their hair and skin. 

8148 - Scholars began to study the Orcish children born with blue and green tints to their hair and skin. They deemed it to be non magical and Physicians declared every child perfectly healthy. 

8192 - Every Orcish child born now has blue and green shades of hair, skin and eyes. 

8601 - All of the original traits of the Orcs of Varial were gone. All living Orcs now had shades of green and blue in their skin, hair and eyes. 

9004 - The first Human visitor arrived in Varial. 

9100 - The second and third Human visitor arrived in Varial together and one decided to remain in Varial. 
9158 - Five more Humans visited Varial. All five remained. 

9236 - A small village of Humans began to spring up in Bruy Port. The Orcish ruler of Bruy Clines offered to bring the Humans in as official residents. 

9240 - Humans became officially part of Varial. Bruy Clines offered to share the islands with them. Many stayed and some traveled to Espachor and Ordrya. 

9308 - A Human traveler to Varial discovered the Gnomes of Lempick and named them "Dwarf".  They have been called "Dwarves" ever since. 

10085 - Denagar's new leader orders his forces to invade Varial, breaking their peace treaty. The forces of Varial respond, fighting on Varial's soil. Denagar sieges Zloras Castle. 

10087 - The long siege of Zloras is broken by a combined effort of Knights, Sentinels and Centaur Fighters and Archers. Denagar's forces are pushed back to their world. Varial's leaders travel to Denagar to kill their leader and threaten a full occupation. A new council of leaders is formed in Denagar and they beg Varial to leave the innocent people alone. A new relationship between both worlds begins. 

11548 - The world of Ecamia brings explorers to Varial by way of a portal in Espachor. 

11549 - More Ecamian visitors arrive, curious about Varial's magic and magical items. 

11553 - Ecamian Mages invade Athary and Ordrya, starting "The War of the Mages". The magical war lasted for three sun turns. 

11556 - Three Wizards in Varial finally broke the lines and killed three of the Ecamian leaders. After seeing the Ecamian forces morale broken, the Mages of Varial were able to get the upper hand and win the war.

Ecamia was forced out of Varial and any attempts at peace were refused after the bloodshed they had caused. Ecamian visitors are still outlawed in Varial. 

13784 - Leafwing is chosen as ruler of Athary. Swiftwind is made Head Naturalist and Guardian of The Everpond. 

13728 - Fluris Scald is chosen as ruler of Espachor. 

13730 - A young Elana the Dauntless is chosen as ruler of Bruy Clines. The youngest ruler to be chosen by the people. 

13821 - Galen Div'vossian I dies and his son Collin Div'vossian becomes ruler of Ordrya. 

13838 - Gunnar and Siv are chosen as rulers of Stej Pria. 

13916 - David Quesada arrives in Varial 

13922 - Technomancy is officially discovered. 

13923 - David Quesada fused magics with The Everpond. Leafwing, Swiftwind and Mages of Varial save The Everpond. 

13924 - Collin Div'vossian dies. Kira Div'vossian and Flynn Div'vossian share the Sceptre of Ordrya. Bruy Clines and Athary almost go to war. 

13945 - Charlene dies and the "Technomancy Struggle" takes place in Queross. Earth's portals are forever broken. 

13946 - Kira Div'vossian becomes sole ruler of Ordrya, giving up her position as a Sentinel to take the Sceptre of Ordrya. Dewy Gale dies. Fluris Scald gives up Espachor to David Quesada. 

13947 - Bruy Clines and Athary go to war. Elana the Dauntless dies. Alric is chosen as ruler and given the name Alric the Warden. 

13948 - Kira Div'vossian is the first Elf to take an implant. Clifford Murray dies. Felix the Breaker returns to Varial. 

14006 - Jeannie Pryor arrives in Varial.